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Having engraved for the Pope and other important personages, for numerous private commissions, and for more years than many people have lived, Heinar Tamme decided to share his unique knowledge with other people. After purchasing what was state-of-the-art consumer video technology in 1986, he made a series of videos demonstrating the many tools of the trade. Newly transferred to long-lasting, durable DVDs, this broad review of information, techniques, and tips can make an enormous impact on your personal skills. With information ranging from the most basic concepts to more specialized ideas (like fine-print making and engraving firearms), you can purchase each disc individually or the set as a whole for significant savings.

Beginning engravers are strongly encouraged to start with the first three DVDs, which provide the basis for an understanding of the skill. Learn about the neccessary tools and how to prepare them, font styles, how to lay out work, practice drills to learn how to cut well with the gravers, and many other topics. The remainder of the series is subject-specific, with one major idea per DVD. Purchase the first three DVDs plus any one or more of the advanced DVDs for a special price.

The complete set totals just under 23.5 hours. As certain techniques relate to many different skills, some example and technique repetition between tapes is necessary. Some techniques are demonstrated in short vignettes and do not necessarily show the engraving of the whole item. An example of this uses a ship's bell that has already been engraved with letters to demonstrate the crossline technique. Overall these videos are loaded with examples of all sorts that, in addition to illustrating various points of discussion, also serve as examples of the wide range of objects that can come across the hand engravers workbench.

Advanced Series topics both expand upon information discussed in the Beginners Set and introduce highly-detailed new aspect of the hand engraving profession such as the engraving of jewelry, fine prints, glass, plastic, and firearms, to name but a few. Because tools, skills and techniques from the beginners series are referred to, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the information in the beginner's videos before working with the Advanced Series DVDs.

The series is also available on VHS tapes, in a very limited quantity. Contact us for more information.

Detailed descriptions of the individual DVDs can be found in our Store.

Here are some video clips from the videos:

Note! These clips are in no way indicative of the video or audio quality of the videos. They have been heavily compressed for faster loading over the internet to illustrate the quality and style of instruction.


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