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Heinar Tamme

Originally from Estonia, Heinar Tamme started engraving in 1942 after escaping the Nazis and Russians during World War II. He apprenticed in Finland from 1942-1944, and then moved to Sweden. Working for King's Jeweler from 1944-1948, he studied with the finest Old World Master Engravers. From 1948 to 1951, Heinar worked with and learned from Master Engravers in New York City. Desiring a warmer climate he opened his own studio in Miami in 1951, and he later had studios in Palo Alto, California and Port Townsend, Washington. A Master Engraver with over 60 years' experience, Heinar has accepted commissions from jewelers and private parties around the world.

Mr. Tamme's work has been sought for items presented to notables including:

  • A crest ring to United States President John Kennedy
  • A presentation engraving plate to US President Gerald Ford
  • A family crest for the Rockefeller family
  • A medallion worn on the moon mission for astronaut Buzz Aldren
  • A medallion for entertainer Sammy Davis Jr.
  • A silver plate for a Rolls Royce for Queen Elizabeth II
  • A crest ring for Pope John Paul II

In addition Heinar engraved trophies for the Miss America pageant and for eighteen years he engraved the huge 80-pound sterling silver Orange Bowl trophy.

In creating the Art of Hand Engraving and Designing series, Heinar provides the instruction of a world-class engraver for everyone desiring to learn the fine art and skill of hand engraving. Whether a person wishes to set up an engraving business, wants to become a jeweler, diamond setter, machine engraver or print maker, or simply wants to learn a new skill as a method of self-improvement, Mr. Tamme believes that hand engravers produce higher quality work in all areas. In his words, "A hand engraver makes a better jeweler, diamond setter and machine engraver."

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