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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Do I really need to purchase the Beginners DVD set before purchasing the advanced topic DVD(s) I am interested in learning?
  2. Just as we need to learn to spell before we can learn to write, the Beginners DVD set provides the foundation for success with the advanced DVD topics. For example, without learning tool preparation and control it would be almost impossible to successfully execute any of the advanced topics.

  3. Why not just attend an engraving school?
  4. Our research cannot find any school dedicated to the art and profession of hand engraving. This is precisely why Mr. Tamme created his engraving tutorials, which provide professional engraving instruction to all people desiring to learn and master this engaging art form.

  5. Why not take an engraving class at a jewelry school?
  6. Not only are such classes few and far-between, but those classes that we are aware of range from one day to three weeks in duration. These classes have no choice but to introduce engraving basics with a narrow focus.

    The Art of Hand Engraving and Designing DVD series provides a more comprehensive learning experience presenting engraving fundamentals along with advanced instruction in the many areas of the engraving profession. Just as important, the DVD format provides individual, professional instruction at your own pace, not the instructor's! You'll also have a lasting resource that can be referred to over and over again whenever needed. And all at a much more reasonable cost than class attendance!

  7. How can I learn more about Heimar Tamme?
  8. Much has been written about Heinar's artistry; you can see some of the articles in our Press Room.

  9. Tell me about the DVDs technically -- what quality are they, etc?
  10. When he reached retirement age, Heinar Tamme decided he had to do his part to preserve the art of hand-engraving. As he says, "You have to keep those trades in the schools that are disappearing. Not just think about the money, but just to keep this alive. Because there are generations of experience behind every good man who did something."

    To that end, Heinar purchased the best consumer-level recording equipment available in the late 1980s. He spent many months learning how to film and edit his content, and as much time (if not more) designing the content and buying or creating the necessary equipment for the video series. Newly transferred to DVD, this series represents his life's work and all the knowledge that he accumulated in more than sixty years of engraving. Because the equipment was not professional-grade, there are a few occasions of static, jerks, etc, that have been minimized as much as possible. They should in no way impair your enjoyment of the series or the knowledge you can gain.

    The series is available on long-lasting DVD, professionally-transferred and edited. All DVDs come in jewel cases, and all are guaranteed to be free of defect when they arrive; if there are any problems we will cheerfully replace any defective discs. We will give you 50% off the purchase of a new DVD to replace one that you have damaged, if you return the damaged one to us.

  11. Is there any safety warning, a disclaimer or anything?
  12. So glad you asked! There is indeed a safety notice, as follows:

    The procedures in this video are performed safely by engravers every day. However, both newcomers and experienced engravers need to observe reasonable and comprehensive safety precautions including always following OSHA rules and regulations. In addition tools of all sorts -- whether they are spinning tools such as flex shafts, or are sharp tools such as gravers and files, or are melting tools such as torches -- are inherently dangerous and must not be used in a reckless or careless fashion. Every effort is made to ensure that the information presented in this video is accurate but because of differing conditions and individual skill level, JNB studios cannot be responsible for any injuries, losses, and other damages that may result from the use of the information herein. Always have safety and safe working practices in mind.

    Safety is a personal responsibility. As such the use of these educational DVDs as a working engraving guide is solely at the viewers/listeners discretion and risk.

  13. Do you accept international orders?
  14. We happily ship internationally, with the following policies. Additional shipping charges may apply, depending on location, and we insure all international packages. All customs duties, taxes, and fees are the responsibility of the buyer. We ship USPS, which we've found offers the best service for the least cost internationally, and which often ends up saving our customers money when it comes to customs fees. (This is particularly the case for our Canadian customers.) We will not mark any packages as a "gift" on the customs declaration; that is customs fraud and is illegal.


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