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Hand Engraving Secrets of Heinar Tamme Now Available in DVD Format from JNB Studio

Battle Ground, WA ---June 6, 2005--- A rare series of instructional video tapes prepared nearly 20 years ago by Heinar Tamme, one of the world's leading practitioners of jewelry hand engraving, is now available for the first time in DVD format from JNB Studio of Battle Ground, Washington.

Comprising 14 individual discs, the Engraving Master Series represents Tamme's life's work and the knowledge and techniques he accumulated in a career that lasted more than sixty years and included such triumphs as a crest ring for Pope John Paul II, a family crest for the Rockefeller family and a silver plate for Queen Elizabeth's Rolls Royce.

"More than even his finest museum-quality pieces, these video lessons are Heinar Tamme's legacy," said Joseph Bloyd, president of JNB Studio and a former student of Tamme's. "They were prepared with the same devotion to detail and adherence to excellence that he applied to his work."

The Engraving Master Series can be purchased as a full set ($500) or one disc at a time ($40 each). For those new to jewelry engraving JNB Studio recommends the Beginners Set ($120) which demonstrates and explains Tools, Lettering, Monograms and Master Plates. For more experienced artisans, the Advanced Series devotes entire discs to subjects such as Engraving Crests and Coat of Arms, Ornamental Relief Engraving on Jewelry and Combined Hand and Machine Engraving. A full list of subjects covered by the discs and ordering information can be found at JNB Studio's Web site: www.engravingmasterseries.com.

For additional information please call Joseph Bloyd at 360-687-2708 or send e-mail to info@engravingmasterseries.com.

Caption: The Engraving Master Series discs, taught by the legendary Heinar Tamme, are available in DVD format from JNB Studio (www.engravingmasterseries.com.)

About Heinar Tamme
Heinar Tamme spent more than fifty years perfecting the craft of engraving. The finest European-style engraver in the United States, he was called upon to create gifts for Pope John Paul II, the Miss America Pageant, numerous organizational awards, and countless fortunate high school graduates, newlyweds, newborns, and honorees.

Heinar Tamme determined to preserve the profession and provide for the professional instruction of future generations of hand engravers. As there are no schools dedicated to the craft, Mr. Tamme decided to create a series of instructional videos covering the various aspects of the engraver's art: jewelry, crests and seals, fine printmaking, firearm, relief, medallion dies, signature facsimile, glass engraving, etc. This series allows those interested in the profession to acquire a comprehensive engraving education under the instruction of a European-trained Master Engraver. Newly transferred to DVD, these tutorials are now widely available. The information on these DVDs is invaluable -- there is no other way to gain so much knowledge, so quickly.

About JNB Studios and Joseph Bloyd
Joseph Bloyd started JNB Studio in 2003 to pursue the jewelry arts. An accomplished jewelry fabricator and caster, he wanted to learn the art of hand engraving. However, a lengthy search for educational resources yielded only minimal results: the few scattered classes were limited in scope and expensive to attend (tuition, travel, lodgings, food, etc). Mr. Bloyd fortunately found Heinar Tamme, who was retiring at the age of 82. After buying a set of the videos, Mr. Bloyd was so impressed with the exceptional quality and comprehensive nature of the instruction that he wanted to make the information available to all aspiring hand engravers. He thus bought the rights, converted the series from VHS to DVD formats (adding navigational tools and bookmarks) and thus dramatically improving their durability and ease of use. After an absence of several years, this amazing resource is now available once again.


Joseph Bloyd
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